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Can Artificial Intelligence and Human Beings switch roles and truly be like the other? This immersive performance is a journey that explores the presence and the lack of emotions in both entities with original music compositions by Canvas Conversations and Ferry as well as visuals by Aqilah Misuary.

A 70 min original and devised piece featuring original scores specially composed for this multi-media immersive experience. Utilising surround sound and 20 m panoramic projection, sudo seeks to question our conscious, emotions and our relationships or lack there of with tech and its implications.

20m Panoramic Projection

6-way Surround Sound


About The Artists

Aqilah Misuary: “I do visuals.”

Canvas Conversations navigates the vast expanse of electronic music through a myriad of sounds and textures, crafting songs and lyrical sensibilities around these sonic elements.

Comprising of Namie, Vick, Jeff, Bings and 5th member – visual artist Aqilah Misuary, the LASALLE College of the Arts degree graduates continue to push boundaries with their music, sound design, technicalities and vision to create and craft new works.

Their full length album “In Transit” was released on 1st June 2017 to rave reviews and is available at www.canvasconversations.bandcamp.com/


Photo by: Twelve Movement

Emotive, beautiful, intriguing, dreamy and elusive—these are some of the words that describe FERRY’s music. Active in the local music scene since 2007, FERRY spends her time composing, playing in four bands and developing her own solo works – crafting and building her brand, aesthetic and skills as an artist.

What started out as a yearning to stay away from the typical live band set up for her own live shows became an obsession to create, conceptualise and devise new immersive experiences for audiences. Delving in installation, set design, video, and other “epic” directions, she hopes to develop and grow her vision to showcase music in a whole new light whilst involving the community, especially the disadvantaged where possible.

With a strong emphasis on storytelling, her ideas bring the listener on a journey of connection, emotion, new perspectives and vulnerability. Her debut single “WORDS” was released on 3rd Nov 2017, co-produced by Evanturetime.


Photo by: @frazak for Riot !n Magenta

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