[~]$ SUDO | -Credits

  1. Prelude – 6 Way Surround Track
    | -Composed by Jeff – Canvas Conversations
  2. Just Like You
    | -Composed by Ferry & Canvas Conversations
  3. Worlds
    | -Composed by Ferry for Giants Must Fall
  4. So Familiar
    | -Composed by Ferry
  5. I Want You
    | -Composed by Ferry & Canvas Conversations
  6. Interlude – 6 Way Surround Track
    | -Composed by Vick – Canvas Conversations
  7. Heavy
    | -Composed by Canvas Conversations & Ferry
  8. Can I Find My Way
    | -Composed by Ferry & Canvas Conversations
  9. Interlude 2 – 6 Way Surround Track
    | -Composed by Bings – Canvas Conversations
  10. Cut
    | -Composed by Canvas Conversations
  11. Away From
    | -Composed by Ferry
  12. Without A Heart
    | -Composed by Canvas Conversations
  13. Mr. Painter
    | -Composed by Canvas Conversations 

| -Thank Yous

We thank The Esplanade, Josh and all involved for providing the opportunity and space to explore, create, experiment, rig a 20m screen and put up 6 speakers to achieve what we had in our heads. Thanks especially to the production team and tech crew who were willing and excited to experiment with us, to try new things and who went the extra mile to do tests and set everything up, make things look and sound good, who take pride in what they, and we do.

Special thanks to Sara and Ruth, who couldn’t join us for the whole journey but started everything and found a great combo / collab in Ferry & Canvas – recognising our desires to create and push ourselves further in our craft.

Please consider donating to The Esplanade, in support of the new outdoor theatre they are building which will go to benefiting the community and all artists in Singapore.


| -Canvas Conversations would like to thank:

To Jean, thank you for being a wonderful artist! To Joshua, thank you for rocking out with us during rehearsals and also for all your hard work into putting sudo possible! To Aqilah, your visuals are dope! We are truly blessed to be given the opportunity to create sudo with amazing people. To all our friends, families and followers, thank you for your support. Please enjoy the show!!!

| -Ferry would like to thank:

Everyone who has believed in her music & vision, supported, collaborated with and contributed their time and efforts however small, to grow and nurture a sometimes confused artist, patience to see past all the petty immaturities of her growth, and allowing her to make mistakes. This opportunity that many others may not, or don’t have is never taken for granted.